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Testimonials from some of our happy clients

"Ellen has a natural flair for design and an ability to transform any indoor or outdoor space to its maximum potential. She is committed to excellence. When she had completed the remodel and staging of my listing, the Buyers said it was their dream home"... Anne Becker

"While living in Virginia I was asked to settle the estate of a family member in California. I needed professional help. A significant asset in the estate was a home in old Palo Alto. I quickly learned that even in the best of markets, having an excellent realtor is not enough. The property needed evaluation, repairs had to be made, flooring and appliances needed updating, and the garden had to be reworked to set off the property. It was not enough to deal with contractors; there was also the matter of how to best handle the advice coming from family members. A professional who had good taste and design instinct was needed, someone who knew how to present a house in its most favorable light, and knew how to get things done. Being tactful and considerate to the sensitivities and feelings of others during a very difficult period was essential. You were all those things."

"My obligation was to sell the property to maximum advantage for the estate beneficiaries. Thanks to your professionalism the project finished on time, the house presented beautifully and sold immediately. Everyone was happy. I am forever grateful."

Most sincerely,

Daniel W. McKinnon, Jr.
Rear Admiral, USN (ret)

"Ellen Harrington is a Godsend. She helped me stage my recently deceased father's large town home and made what I'd expected to be a great burden and painful duty not only educational but healing and fun. Through Ellen's aesthetic flair, knack for order, and enthusiastic willingness to roll up her sleeves and dive in, we were able to arrange his furnishings and art in such a way that celebrated him and honored his beloved home. It turned out so beautifully that I was profoundly moved and deeply comforted. My only regret is that Dad wasn't there to see it." ....Carol Allen

"Brian and I wanted to wait until the first Open House weekend and the Broker's Tour before we sent you our Letter of Appreciation. The most outstanding comments we received were "absolutely beautiful" and "everything is yours?"
We cannot say enough of how happy and proud we feel when clients and "lookie loos" come through our home and admire the wonderful staging and creativity that went into this work. You must feel very proud of the work your class did and how they thought outside the box to reflect our home's uniqueness.
Once again, thanks so much for this fantastic staging job and showcasing our home for a quick sale!!

Sylvia Berry and Brian Esselbach
Aptos, CA.

"Ellen did a superb job in some very trying circumstances
and helped to sell my listing at an astounding price."

Barbara Cymrot, International Presidential Elite & Senior Marketing Consultant
Coldwell Banker, Los Altos

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